Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes – Dragon’s Tale & Wall-A-Geddon

Today we take a look at another segment of ‘Behind the Scenes’ at IndiEire Games focusing on the team’s beloved game’s Dragon’s Tale and Wall-A-Geddon.

Beginning with Dragon’s Tale the guys talked about how the initial idea for the game was originally based off Martin Rees’s book Just Six Numbers: The Deep Forces that Shape the Universe, you can read a review of the book here.


One of the images in the booked showed a picture of an escher matrix which gave James the idea of a lizard crawling around this matrix. However realizing that this idea may be too complex to animate so they changed it to multiple blocks on a 3D matrix. After that they started rotating the matrix which they found to be quite appealing visually then realized that it could be translated into a game. Soon after, Colm began to write the code for the game and we had an artist in Pulse College come up with the dragon design. dtdna

With any project there are always obstacles and part of the challenge around creating Dragon’s Tale was writing an algorithm which calculates for every move if the grid can be completed. It was a bit of a brainf**k to come up with and still is as they are still trying to come up with an algorithm to design random completable grid so they expect our brains to be mush by the end of that exercise!!!


Once they had a well-rounded game ready to be played they installed Dragon’s Tale on several tablets and brought them to schools on the northside of Dublin for children aged 7-9 to play and give the guys some feedback by getting them to fill out some questionnaires for them, some of which were quite funny and found that most of the children said that they like playing the game.

Before the game was fully completed the hardworking team at IndiEire Games made a few slight changes. Originally the items on the grid would drop under gravity when the player got a match but after talking to the children in the schools they took a show of hands as to whether they liked the “popping” or “dropping”, which they preferred popping so the team went with that. Controlling the mechanics of any game is hard enough but it was hard controlling the kids too!!

After feeling good with the outcome of the completed game they released Dragon’s Tale at the State of Play, Ireland’s premier Game Developer Conference on April 5th and it is chugging along nicely on the PlayStore.


Moving on to talk about Wall-A-Geddon a big difference between the two games is that this game took far less time to create as it was put together in just a few weeks.

Originally the game was called ‘Trump-A-Geddon’ but unfortunately it was flagged by the Google Play Store, possibly because it was seen as offensive to Mexicans but it really wasn’t! From further inspection of the Android PlayStore, the team found that there are plenty of games across the board that portrayed Mexicans in them so we don’t know what the problem was with ours was. It couldn’t have possibly been the fact that we were satirizing Trump or using his name! Before the Wall-A-Geddon was finally accepted by those who oversee the PlayStore, other names that were considered for the games title were; Trump-apocalypse, Trumpocalypse and daft variations along those lines that probably would have probably been flagged by the Ply Store too!

We hope you enjoyed another look at ‘Behind the Scenes’ here at IndiEire Games and look forward to hearing your thoughts on the games! If you hadn’t had a chance to play them yet head over to the PlayStore, have a go and leave a comment on what you make of them!


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