An Inside Look

An Inside Look Into IndiEire Games – Niamh Mc Ginley

Coming to the last week of ‘An Inside Look’ where we chatted to and got to know the people behind the scenes is now coming to an end with the IndiEire’s solo marketing team, Niamh McGinley. Having recently completed a degree in English, Media and Cultural Studies from IADT Dún Laoghaire, Niamh is far less knowledgeable than the rest of the team on the specifics of how games are created and the hours that go into making them, would rather spend her time playing the completed product. Such games that she enjoys are League of Legends and the ever thrilling Sims, along with other hobbies which include binge watching anime, tv and films, playing board/card games and Dungeons and Dragons along with a  new found interest in Wall Climbing.

After completing her final exams and the pressures of the ‘real’ world upon her, Niamh set out in search of something that she would enjoy, or rather anything that wasn’t in retail. Having done extensive study and research on the media, marketing and consumers in her course she sought a job in the marketing world of which, just as the rest of the team talked about, is hard enough to get into when employers want you to have years of experience under your belt straight out of college.

I spent hours on my laptop searching for jobs that I could apply for, taking a chance when they required around a year or two experience but never hearing anything back.

Having stumbled upon IndiEire’s post seeking someone to fill their marketing roll she was instantly drawn to it as the idea of marketing for something that you already enjoy was very appealing to her. Joining the team to help establish the brand  by reaching out to their customers and by helping the guys find their feet in the big world of marketing, Niamh takes control of each of the social media sites Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and of course WordPress, along with availing of tools such as HubSpot and Google Analytics. With the growth of social media it has become one of the leading tools in marketing, when one knows how to use it right.

I could spend hours on each of the social media accounts, a lot of work goes into them, not just in putting up a post here and there, but also through researching, making contacts, collecting data. All of which help create, build and spread the brand across each platform.

There are as many challenges faced in marketing, especially for an indie company, where it’s easy to put up a post and get a few likes, the real challenge for new indie companies in game development is generating enough awareness and building a brand that will capture people’s attention, leading them to play the games that the guys have worked so hard on creating and hopefully start a chain reaction of one of the most effective marketing tools, word of mouth.

With a team as dedicated as the one we have here at IndiEire Games, along with the creative ideas that they hope to put into their next game and future projects, marketing for a company with the desire to create quality content that the user will enjoy playing and believing in the product yourself makes the job that much easier and is easily noticed by the viewer. So if you want to see what the creative minds behind IndiEire Games are coming up with at the moment don’t forget to follow us over on each of our social media platforms, check out our website, have a go of some of the previous games released and don’t forget to let us know what you think!


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