An Inside Look

An Inside Look Into IndiEire Games – David Crespo

After taking a look at the founders of IndiEire Games Colm and James, this week we begin talking to the rest of the team that are involved with what goes into making such great games starting with David Crespo, 3D Modeler and Concept Artist for the team.

David began his path into game development when he entered into Pulse Colleges Advanced Diploma in Animation course, giving him the tools and knowledge to model, texture, rig and animate in 2D and 3D software with such programs as Maya (a computer animation and modeling software), ZBrush (a digital sculpting and painting program), Mudbox (a 3D sculpting and painting tool), and even more such as Substance Painter, Photoshop, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere.

When asked what got David into game development god answer was pretty simple:

I love games and so I would love to be involved in the creation of them.

These skills and his love for games make David the perfect fit for the team at IndiEire Where he designs and make 3D models in coordination with Colm . He has also rigged and animated several characters for a previous project that they had been working on together.

Where games are a clear interest for David he also has other hobbies including animation films and series, reading, hiking and of course clubbing. Unfortunately for David most people cannot make a living by clubbing and thus he has had to work really exceedingly hard to chase his dreams in which he hopes to be part of a professional game development team where we can materialised our imagination. As fun as being part of a team is, it doesn’t come acing challenges, from discussing ideas to get the final resolution and redesigning characters to adjust them to what the team likes is a major part of his job. Keeping this in mind David claims that his passion for games and game development along with the “idea of feeling proud once it is done” keeps him motivated in his work.

Talking about why he decided to join a relatively new company such as IndiEire Games David discussed how he wanted to get into the industry and how he would like to participate on the creation of a game.

Any kind of company suits me really. To get into a new company is easier and you get to do different tasks.

Reminiscing on how he joined Colm and James in their journey David talked about how he met James and Colm at college and thats when he decided to join in the project that they were working on at the moment because he liked the idea and the future possibilities.

Coming up with new and innovative game ideas is as hard as creating and developing the games themselves. When asked what influences him when coming up with new game ideas, David talked about the possible integration into the market that new games have and how he can help give rise to them, not forgetting the difficulty of its creation along with the originality that they need to have.

Lastly David discussed the kind of games he would like to make in the future, stating that he has no preferences about the kind of games that he would like to create or be involved in because he believes all games are fun to play and fun to be made. With that attitude David is definitely made for great things in the gaming development community and we can’t wait to see what he creates in the future!



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